Ged Mitchell is best known for his striking silver birches over majestic landscapes, quite a different scene from his upbringing in the industrial, working class smog of Manchester in the 1950’s.  From an early age, he knew he had a passion for art, but after leaving school at 15 it was in other creative avenues he first ventured.  Armed with his guitar and a pocket full of songs, he travelled around Europe, playing and writing – it wouldn’t be until much later that his passion for art was reignited.

At a local art class in the early 80’s, the teacher their saw Ged’s natural promise and gave him the encouragement that had been lacking from his formative years.

He started to hone his craft in watercolours and slowly things started to fall into place.  It wasn’t long before he was selling his work and garnering a reputation for his beautiful watercolour landscapes.

In the 90’s Ged opened his first gallery in Cheshire and in 2001 his big break came when he was signed to Washington Green Publishers.

This took his work to a whole new audience and over the next ten years he developed into the artist we know today, as well known for his textured acrylics as he is the delicate and sometimes brooding watercolours.  With a new gallery and studio in the bustling Staffordshire town of Alsager, Ged is enjoying having full control over the direction of his artwork once again.